Innovativo sistema di monitoraggio ambientale di persone, veicoli, animali, oggetti con un cervello basato su intelligenza artificiale,


Strumento di misura ad altissima precisione in grado di effettuare automaticamente misure con precisione micrometrica.

R&D Support

Mettiamo a disposizione le nostre competenze in Visione Artificiale e Reti Neurali per realizzare prodotti custom e/o supportare progetti di ricerca e sviluppo ad altissimo contenuto tecnologico

Who we are

Vision-e start as Spin-Off of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia by a team of Computer Engineers of the AImageLab research group and deals with research, development and engineering of Artificial Intelligence systems applied to images, through Computer Vision and Deep Learning.

Computer Vision is an extremely vertical competence that allows machines to understand the world through images and to make operational decisions. All this has a horizontal application fileds in any sector in which data can be contained in an image.

In security, to monitor people, vehicles, animals by verifying their routes, directions, counts and make anonymous analysis on a time basis without time limits.
In the industrial field to carry out very high precision measurements and for visual control able to increase the performance and quality of a production line by verifying 100% of the production.

The experience of 14 years in the design and implementation of intelligent systems based on algorithms, cameras and illuminators, has given us the skills to create innovative products based on internally developed technologies. This also makes us the ideal R&D partner to identify solutions effectively and resolutely. Vision-e, in fact, collaborates and has worked as an expert in machine vision in research and development centers of many companies, many leaders in their field, where it provides its expertise to design and develop solutions that integrate these technologies.

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