Vision-e was founded as a SpinOff of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia by a team of engineers members of to the research group ImageLab and is involved in research, development and engineering of Computer Vision and Deep Learning. The partnership with companies in the automation sector and the ten-year experience in the design and implementation of intelligent systems based on cameras and illuminators makes us the ideal partner to identify a solutions effectively and in a resolutive way. By the use of cameras and complex algorithms to the state of the art, Vision-e realizes innovative intelligent systems for visual control can increase performance and quality of a production line verifying up to 100% of the production. Vision-e apply their own knowledge to develop algorithms in the field of video-communication, home automation and video surveillance, creating new and innovative products as eyetracking Falco5. Using the experience gained from the cooperation as a consultant vision to many companies, Vision-e can help you to realize automatic control systems based on image processing captured by the use of cameras.

Vision-e collaborates as expert in computer vision in R&D departments of many companies, many leaders in its field, to provide its expertise helping to create automatic control and image processing systems using cameras.